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WRITTEN BY Danny Naggiar | March 28, 2016

In many cultures, a child’s surname has a significant symbolic value attached to it. A surname serves to mark our heritage, our religion, and, perhaps most importantly, our family origins. On this note, when a child is born in Georgia, if the child’s paternity is known, the father’s surname is given to the child. The practice of giving a child the surname of his or her father predates
WRITTEN BY Danny Naggiar | March 28, 2016

The economic recession that was triggered in 2007-2008 took a heavy toll on the economy and still continues to have an impact today. Despite the wide-ranging financial impact, many American workers were able to weather the storm with little disruption to their earning capacity or job security. However, the economic downturn also has provided ill-intentioned individuals to attempt to avoid or m
WRITTEN BY Tracy Gibson | January 21, 2016

Atlanta's Network Under 40 recently published our article on Representing High Profile Clients in divorce. Our law firm represents both high profile clients and people from all walks of life in their divorce and family law matters.   This article focuses on the athlete, celebrity, and other high profile client's our attorneys represent.  You can see the article here. httpss://networkunde
WRITTEN BY Tracy Gibson | August 18, 2015

Initial custody and modifications of custody cases can be complex. The relevant statute in Georgia when dealing with custody or visitation issues is OCGA 19-9-3. Experienced divorce and custody lawyers should be familiar with this statute and the related case law. The statute since 2010 is as follows: TITLE 19 - DOMESTIC RELATIONS CHAPTER 9 - CHILD CUSTODY PROCEEDINGS ARTICLE 1 - GENERAL
WRITTEN BY Danny Naggiar | July 30, 2015

Few know this, but Georgia allows 13 grounds for divorce, one of which is “irretrievably broken,” which is also referred to as a “no fault” ground, while the rest are all considered as “fault” grounds. If you have filed or been served divorce papers in Georgia, chances are you are contemplating the alimony payments which will be included in your divorce negotiations. Whether or no