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We are humbled and appreciative of the reviews that many of our clients take the time to write online. Here is a small collection of some of the reviews you can find on other sites about the work we have done for our clients.


A divorce can be ugly, real ugly. David is not only 2 steps ahead of opposing counsel, he quickly reads the legal and personal situations to move the process forward as easily as possible. He preserves your assets and your sanity. I’m glad David came so I highly recommended to me. My divorce may have done some real damage if he wasn’t in my corner.



During my recent divorce, I hired an attorney who came highly recommended in the town where my now former husband and I had lived for two years! The experience was a total nightmare and she seemed to be working with my exes attorney for HIS best interests, while being unethical (I felt with/for my interests) and very non communicative to me as I was now living out of her town by this time! There was no positive input for my defense offered from her in this awful situation after several months, but she gladly kept ALL the fees paid! So she was removed from the divorce case!!

Danny Naggiar was also highly recommended, so I read his reviews on line and felt immediately this was the one I needed to fight for me and my interests!! Upon our first consultation, I was so completely at ease, trusting this young man as I have never trusted an attorney before! He was so genuine and sincere, telling me he would do everything possible to right the wrongs done to me, but there were no guarantees or promises! He was such a pleasure to work with and he kept me informed on EVERYTHING!!!!

Our case was the last case of the day and the judge did not grant me the damages done. However IF I had hired Danny first, I feel we would have had an entirely different outcome. He did his best to salvage and put together our case in about three weeks, working long hours, even week-ends , for me! He was most professional, knowledgeable and respected in the court room and I was proud of all he did. HE is now is my attorney forever, should I ever need one again! I absolutely will refer him to anyone who is seeking an honest, hardworking , and trustworthy attorney to represent them for their legal matters! I feel as if I now have a new friend, who just happens to be an attorney as well!



David represented me in my contested divorce in Fulton county. He is very knowledgeable and skilled and treated me like a real person. Him and Misty and Ashley on his staff were responsive and helpful from minute one. I wish there were more lawyers like him. Highly recommended if you need a divorce or family law attorney to help you in Atlanta. Thank you Naggiar & Sarif. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


I believe so much in Mr. Naggiar and his staff that I have recommended his skills to other personal friends and family

I hired Danny Naggiar in September of 2012 for my divorce. He and his staff always had time to update me on my case, or advise me through the day to day stress incurred through the murky separation process. My divorce finalized in January of 2013, and throughout those months, he and his staff worked tirelessly to ensure that I and my daughter got what we needed and deserved in the end. My ex-husband and I revisited our parenting plan with a judge in November of 2013, as my ex-husband felt he did not get a fair deal when the divorce finalized. Mr. Naggiar was right there with me through the entire process. Not only did the re-definition of my divorce papers clear up a lot of issues between my ex-husband and myself, but Mr. Naggiar navigated both inside and outside the courtroom to ensure a positive ruling for my daughter and me. My new documents far surpass the first set! Mr. Naggiar and his staff worked extremely hard to ensure that the verdict was fair and that my ex-husband did not take advantage of me or my situation. I believe so much in Mr. Naggiar and his staff that I have recommended his skills to other personal friends and family. He truly is an attorney who knows the law...cares about his clients...and works hard to ensure that each client feels good with the sometimes unpleasant outcome.

JC, a Family client


Mr. Sarif represented me in complex divorce. I say complex because it was certainly complex to me and had many assets, business, and separate property tracing issues along with custody. I've been through many business transactions in my life, but when it involves your own life and emotions you better make sure you surround yourself with the proper professionals like David and his team. He is very knowledgeable, responsive and keeps you updated. I've used many lawyers before, and have never had my attorney be as responsive as David. Even after the case, he was still very responsive to my follow up questions. If I ever have a family member or friend in need, I will insist they meet with Mr. Sarif. They would be making a mistake not to call him. 100% endorsement for David.



Naggiar & Sarif was the best decision I made in regards to my divorce. From the beginning, Danny was very upfront and honest with me. He laid out my options very clearly and always kept the best interest of my children in mind. He worked with me in regards to making changes and did not overcharge for every little detail. Misty answered all of my questions, no matter how many times I called and was always very polite and responsive to emails and other requests. I did not feel like just a paying client with Danny, I felt like I had someone to rely on during one of the hardest times of my life. He made what is normally a very difficult process, a very simple one for me and I am forever grateful to him. I would highly recommend Danny Naggiar to anyone that is in need of a family law attorney. I walked away without any regrets during this process, and he made that possible for me.

Giselle Smith


Some think it is enough to hire a good lawyer. In fact, in my experience, some feel that should be enough to obtain the desired outcome. Unfortunately, that isn’t the real world. It simply isn’t enough to just hire a good lawyer. Hire the best! I enlisted Mr. Sarif to fight a domestic dispute in which turned into a lengthy battle. In the end, Mr. Sarif obtained the outcome that was not only what I wanted, but actually better! During the case (and after) I could always count on a prompt return email or phone call. David not only knows the laws, he has a deep understanding of cause and effect - he was continually one move ahead of opposing council. David is by far the best attorney that I have ever had the pleasure of doing business with. I highly recommend him for any domestic situation and would not hesitate to hire him again in the future.



I've had the pleasure of hiring Danny for a child custody fight after a 13 year relationship with the father of my children went sour. I hired Danny after I had a HORRIFIC experience with another attorney that absolutely did nothing for me, but somehow managed to deplete the retainer I had paid for his services. I was promised many things by this attorney and after being left with no resolution, I decided to fire him and start researching another attorney. I found Danny and did extensive research since I did not want to be in the same situation I had just been in. I was looking for a human being with actual compassion, but that was also a force not to be wreaked with in the courtroom. That was Danny! I can honestly say that this man is my attorney for life. He is HONEST!!!! Yes…an honest attorney! He puts everything on the table on what you should expect. HE calls you back and if he can't Misty, his assistant is always on top of it. There is constant communication every time there needs to be, so you're not left in the cold wondering where you stand. After I found out who my ex had hired, I started to worry a bit because he also seemed to have a good reputation, but when we went head on, I was completely wrong to worry. Danny is a bulldog and knows his stuff. Straight to the point, and was an advocate for me from start to finish. I couldn't have asked for a better experience, outcome, and I consider him a friend. I would announce my recommendation through a bullhorn if I could. Thank you so much Danny!



David came highly recommended by a friend who had used him a few years ago. He genuinely seemed to care and fought hard to protect me and my interests. My divorce case was ultimately resolved at mediation and I'm very appreciative for David's guidance and support. He explained everything every step of the way and got the big picture.



"Mr. Naggiar is an excellent attorney; sharp, smart, HIGHLY efficient.... And doesn't cost an arm and a leg (unlike my ex-wife!). He delicately, sagaciously made my divorce as painless as possible and expedited the process per GA law and the judge. If, sadly, you have to go through this painful situation, I say call Danny. He will take your best interests to heart...and defend them.



I have and will continue to recommend David to friends who are in need of an attorney having anything to do with Family Law. David came highly recommended to me and replaced my original attorney. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Because of his knowledge and resourcefulness, he cleaned up the mess that my original attorney had created and did damage control. My case, as all cases having to do with Family Law, was highly emotional. David was sensitive to that and brought a human factor to the table. He was always extremely responsive and always took the time to thoroughly explain things until I was comfortable. I never felt like I was a pile of papers on the corner of his desk; I felt like I was part of a team. When you are going through something traumatic, that means more than anything. I’m proud that I had him in my corner and would recommend him a thousand times over.



Hello Mr. Naggiar, I would like to thank you for all that you helped us on my sons case, you have been a blessing in our lifes and there's no words to say how much we appreciate ALL the work you did for us.

c. g.


I highly recommend this lawyer to anyone who needs representation in any family law matter. David is very knowledgeable and at the forefront of family law. He is also caring, fast to respond and communicate and attentive to his clients' needs. He makes himself available whenever you need him and never leaves you in the dark about what is going on with your case. Custody and child support cases can be highly emotional and David has a way of putting things in perspective and calming you down. He treats you like a real person--not a dollar sign. I have and will continue to refer David to anyone in need of a family lawyer.



This is a review of the services preformed by Danny Naggiar for Talmadge Scott Jr. pertaining to the matter of divorce. The services provided were beyond expectations and well received. Mr. Naggiar and Missy (his paralegal) were very knowledgeable of the court systems and the entire divorce process. Mr. Naggiar was very professional and efficient in handling the case. He ensured there was a fair division of all properties and finances. I would highly recommend his law firm to anyone looking for a great attorney.



Danny represented me in division of military retirement pay case. He gave me candid legal advice on how best to proceed with the case. I did not like what Danny was telling so I decided to go with another lawyer. As it turns out, Danny's advice was the best course of action, but I was defiant because I felt my ex-wife didn't deserve any of my retirement pay. I wholeheartedly regret not sticking with Danny. He's an excellent attorney.